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#ministylinmeets Mamas Collective Molly

We caught up with Molly from Mamas Collective to get the low down on her awesome business, life and being a super #girlboss. Find out more about how she started Mamas Collective and her top tips for other Mumtrepreneurs! 

Hi Molly – how are you today?

Tired (standard) but otherwise good, thanks.

Let’s start with an Ice breaker question! If you could be any drink what would it be and why?

I’d like to be a mojito – zingy and refreshing but with a bit of a kick… But, realistically, I’m probably more like a cup of tea – pretty traditional, comforting and strong when I need to be!

Now we’ve established what drink to get you on your next meet, tell us about yourself?

I am 33 (I had to really think about that; where’s the last year gone?!), have a 14-month-old called Elliot (tall, loud, mega cute), and a very patient husband called Mike. I’m Manchester born and bred and super proud of it – I grew up in Chorlton, and now live in Prestwich.

I work part-time as a Copywriter for a digital agency. As you might expect, this means I love writing, and so I also like to do a bit of blogging when I get chance. And I run a mums group called Mamas Collective that’s designed to provide mums with entertainment, inspiration and a sense of sisterhood.

I for one love the concept of Mamas Collective, as many mamas out there do as well, how did you come up with it and where did it all start?

Having read the book during my mat leave, I went along to a Mothers Meeting offshoot event in Manchester about eight weeks after Elliot was born and absolutely loved it. I was obviously really new to motherhood at the time and was feeling massively terrified, so it was amazing to sit in a room full of inspiring women who weren’t afraid to talk honestly and admit that motherhood is a challenge sometimes.

Straight after, I got in touch with the organiser to see if they’d be coming back up North soon and, if so, if they wanted any help at all. When I didn’t hear anything back, I decided to get in touch with some of the ladies I’d met there and arrange for us to do our own meetup.

And things just grew from there, really. Word slowly spread and, the more mums I spoke to, the more it became clear that a group like Mamas Collective was very much needed.

I try and put an event on every six weeks or so, and mix up the content so there’s something for everyone. It’s hard work sometimes, but so much fun. And I’ve met so many brilliant women.

I get asked this constantly but mama to mama, I’d love to hear how you achieve a work life balance?

I only returned to work a couple of months ago, so I’m still trying to figure it out! I love my job and where I work, which definitely helps; I’m in the office three days a week at the moment which seems to be working well for everyone. When I’m there, I’m very focussed on getting my job done – but when 5pm rolls around, I’m straight back into ‘mum mode’.

In terms of fitting the Mamas Collective stuff in, I just plan ahead as much as I can, and try and limit as much of it as possible to during naptimes or the evenings after Elliot’s gone to sleep.

Balancing looking after a toddler with it all means I’m always busy which can be draining, but my family are really supportive and helpful so I do still manage to grab a bit of ‘me’ time every now and again.

 You have had AMAZING speakers at your events but what’s been your biggest achievement so far?

Getting Mother Pukka to come along was awesome as she’s so well-known. Almost everyone that I’ve approached about speaking has been dead up for coming along, which has been great.

But (and I’m aware this is a bit cheesy – soz) my favourite thing about running Mamas Collective is hearing about mums who’ve connected and gone on to form friendships or swap skills to help each other out, or ladies who’ve found the courage to start their own business after coming along to an event. Because that’s the whole reason I started the group in the first place.

What advice would you give to fellow entrepreneurs?

Stop thinking and start doing. Planning’s good, but wait around too long and you might talk yourself out of something that could be wonderful. Once you actually get the ball rolling, the momentum will start carrying you along, and, before you know it, you’re just in it and doing it (and, yes, failing sometimes too – but also getting better all the time). I had pretty much zero experience of organising events, selling tickets and running social media channels before Mamas Collective, and so it’s been a huge – but very rewarding – learning curve for me.

And dedicate as much time and thought as you can to building and sustaining your social media channel. It’s the easiest way to get your business out there. 

What influencers / bloggers are you a regular follower (cough stalker) of?   

Instagram’s the biggie for me, and my faves are @mother_of_daughters (how does she manage to look so good with four kids to take care of?!), @dresslikeamum (excellent fashion), @selfishmother (fantastic mum blogging community) and @mre.soeur (super cool mama merch). Also @drakeoncake (for LOLs).

What’s your quote of the day?

This is my quote for LIFE, not just the day: “You can do anything but not everything.”

Thank you for taking the time to share your words of wisdom and allowing gain an insight into what you do!

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